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Using the right keywords can help optimise your website content to rank high on search engines.

Relevant search words and phrases for your products and services may include generalisations, clichés, jargon and even misspelt words. This may appear to contradict what I said earlier about formulating propositions based on your unique knowledge and skills.

SEO copywriting is different. You're deliberately integrating popular search terms into your proposition

This can be skilfully done without affecting the tone and presentation of your message.

Some people stuff their web pages with keywords and phrases at the expense of their message. It’s no good being on Google’s first page if you’re not able to convert ‘hits’ into ‘leads.’ Your message must have a compelling offer that sounds credible.

Website copywriting should serve
two key roles, which work seamlessly together:

1. Create awareness by linking your products and services to relevant keywords and phrases.

2. Generate leads by creating a compelling offer with a free giveaway such an ebook, free trial or discount. This allows people to appreciate the value of your chargeable products or services at zero risk - and build a credible reputation.

SEO copywriting services

SEO copywriting services

Website copywriting is about reconciling search terms with your unique offering. Observe carefully the search terms people frequently use. Someone might search for a SEO specialist, but really need a good copywriter to help them rewrite their website. So it's important you use phrases to steer people to what they 'really' need.

1. Avoid scattering keywords and phrases around headlines and hyperlinks with the hope of improving your response rates. Do it properly and hire a professional SEO copywriter.

2. Always ‘write’ for people not search robots. Have you ever heard of a search engine calling anyone to do business?

3. Always ‘optimise’ for search robots
not people.

4. Be original. Write from your own experience, but keep in mind the relevant keywords and phrases from your research.

I’m not going to cover meta title tags, descriptions and inbound link-building as there are plenty of excellent resources already covering that topic.

SEO is not rocket science.
It took just a few months to reach pole position on Google’s first page for search terms “pharmaceutical consultants” and “pharmaceutical consulting.” My client was delighted when they acquired their first major client via the new website.

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